• Industry Device Integration
    robust environment with integrated devices, low-level communication and high availability
    Messaging system
    Industry devices with their legacy low-level communication to be upgraded to the Internet of Things world. Third party systems such as dect systems, positioning devices, private gsm, nursecall systems, etc. are running in a secure and highly available Java workflow environment according to the Dutch Standardization Institute (NEN) regulation.
  • Software-as-a-Service
    highly scalable multi-organization system with
    daily fast-growing data
    The TripLog system calculates salaries and costs by applying country’s loan rules and regulations for the transportation market. The software is based on a scalable Java architecture processing huge amount of data which are imported from different board computer vendors.
  • Internet of Things
    experience convenience and high usability steered
    by mobile devices
    Innovative LED-light bulb without the traditional light bulb fitting which provides an even atmospheric radiance with a long lamp life and a large radiance capacity steered by a smart mobile app. This smart home appliance is based on the high-end design & usability along with low-level device communication using WIFI. The LED-light bulb can be dimmed between 100% and 1%, which, together with the 'composed colours' and the 'colour therapy' options, helps create the right atmosphere.
  • Mobile Devices
    iOS and Android apps as a mobile entry point fully integrated into customer's business process
    A premium day-book enriched with media interaction published by De Vuurbaak.
    Every work day a one-minute real-time video of prominent leaders is presented.
  • Point of Sale Integration
    real-time data processing and handy food
    menu presentation
    Kitchen’s Touch-screen
    Total control in the restaurant’s kitchen. Provided data of ordered menus by Point of Sale terminals dynamically presented on the kitchen’s touch-screens. The application is based on the Java architecture processing real-time Point of Sale data and delivering highly usable output on touch-screens.
  • Software-as-a-Service
    multi-organization appointment system with
    cross-channel presence and 2-way calendar integration
    The getBIZZI system services touch-point access for customers to engage companies face-to-face. The software is based on a scalable PHP architecture and a real-time two-way appointment synchronization with third-party calendar clients and systems such as Google Calendar, Apple iCal, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange.
  • E-Commerce & Promo sites
     state-of-the-art design based on WordPress, Drupal and Magento
    Our close cooperation with Opus Design, a United States brand and information design agency, for higher education and professional services. They are the creative consultants translating data, complex concepts and dense text into infographics that are clear and stylish. We are the technical experts executing their concepts into real working systems. It’s the creative challenge which is our mutual aim to be successful.
  • Enterprise Search Platform
    highly scalable engine with advanced
    full-text search capabilities
    Online bible with enriched content on your smartphone, desktop or tablet. The application is based on the Solr enterprise search platform using, among other things, full-text, fuzzy and keywords types of searching. Our partner is Gopublic managing the project and responsive design.
  • Identification & Payment
    highly secure platform with online iDIN identification and iDEAL payment services
    GoCredible is an online identification and payment service that helps people to sell or buy their cars in a safe and reliable way without any hassle. All car data and personal data are checked in advance by using iDIN, the advanced online identification technique, and money is kept in custody by using iDEAL until all conditions for payout are met. With GoCredible you know with whom you are doing business, what kind of car you are buying and how you are receiving the money.
  • Social Media Platform
    iOS and Android social media apps with intuitive design
    Wadaday is a social media application that provides a platform for users to connect, share and store their daily moments in a unique way. Wadadays are mobile postcards you create to log everyday's special moments. You can POST your wadadays in the worldwide cloud, SHARE them with your friends and family or SEND them to an individual of your choice. All wadadays will be stored on your mobile phone together with all the cards and feedback you received from your favourites and other users. Thus creating a graphic logbook of your social life.

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